GAP-f progress update – May 2018

The GAP-f website has been launched. Accessible at, the website brings together key information on paediatric drug optimization, and aims to become the place to go for updates in this broad area of work. The website includes links to guidance (such as the PADO list of priority paediatric ARVs and the IATT paediatric ARV formulary), important peer-reviewed publications, and past and upcoming events.

Two peer-reviewed commentaries recently published by the GAP-f outline pre- and post-approval activities coordinated by the GAP-f, key features of the GAP-f and its phased implementation, and future opportunities for change that will contribute to ensuring rapid development and uptake of key paediatric drugs in age-appropriate formulations.

  • The first paper was published in JIAS in February. This paper is part of a supplement on “Paediatric and Adolescent HIV and the Sustainable Development Goals: the road ahead to 2030”, convened by CIPHER and guest-edited by Douglas Webb, Chewe Luo and Lucie Cluver. It is available here.
  • The second paper was published in The Lancet HIV in early May. It is available here.

On 24 April, the AIDS Free Working Group co-chairs hosted a webinar among Vatican meeting participants and other key stakeholders to provide an update on their efforts to monitor implementation of the Rome Action Plan and to allow those who made commitments to provide updates. The webinar showed that activities are ongoing on the majority of action points. An overall assessment of implementation status across the Action Plan will be performed to identify any significant gaps. A recording of the webinar is available upon request to Tamar Gabelnick ([email protected]).

At the upcoming 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018, 23-27 July 2018, Amsterdam), GAP-f partners will be hosting a satellite session to present GAP-f concepts and work outcomes so far. The session will include perspectives from different disease angles and stakeholders. The satellite session will take place on Monday, 23 July, 10:15-12:15 in Hall 11B of the RAI Convention Centre. More information will be circulated closer to the conference.

The GAP-f initiative and the follow-up mechanism for the Rome Action Plan on Paediatric ARVs work in a collaborative and complementary fashion, under the overall framework of the AIDS Free Working Group. We aim to keep the overlap in reporting to a minimum, while insuring maximum transparency among all concerned stakeholders. Past updates from the GAP-f and Rome Action Plan can be found here and here, respectively.

Efforts to further develop the GAP-f and explore synergies between different stakeholders and disease areas are ongoing, and we welcome any input. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with any question or comment you may have, either by email or through the online form at