Children at a makeshift shelter in Tirana, Albania. | 2010 Brilanta Kadillari, Courtesy of Photoshare


Upcoming events

Webinar: Report back from the Paediatric Antituberculosis Drug Optimization 1 Meeting (PADO-TB 1)

27 February 2019, 14:00-15:00 CET

Past events

Webinar: Outcomes of the Paediatric ARV Drug Optimization 4 (PADO 4) and Paediatric Hepatitis C Drug Optimization meetings
19 December 2018

The WHO-led Paediatric ARV Drug Optimization 4 (PADO 4) and Paediatric Hepatitis C Drug Optimization meetings took place from 10-12 December 2018. These groups provide evidence-based priority lists with clear and consistent message to guide industry and interested stakeholders on the most needed formulations to be developed. The lists help reduce the number of unnecessary formulations being developed, and continue to be a critical tool to focus efforts and resources. The webinar covered the main outcomes of these prioritization exercises with regards to paediatric HIV and HCV drug optimization.

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Webinar series: Toolkit for Research and Development of Paediatric Antiretroviral Drugs and Formulations
October 2018 - January 2019

The Toolkit for Research and Development of Paediatric Antiretroviral Drugs and Formulations is an initiative of the WHO and its Paediatric ARV Working Group (PAWG), in collaboration with Unitaid, IMPAACT and PENTA-ID. It identifies the challenges and solutions for promoting and accelerating timely and high-quality research and development of antiretroviral drug formulations suitable for infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant and breastfeeding women. This webinar series, convened by the GAP-f, provided an overview of each of the modules of the toolkit. It included module authors as presenters, with other stakeholders presenting their perspective on the importance of this work.

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AIDS 2018 satellite on “Accelerating the development and uptake of the most needed drug formulations for children”
23 July 2018 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Limited treatment options and sub-optimal formulations contribute to poor adherence and outcomes for children living with HIV and other diseases that affect the lives of children living in resource-limited settings. The Global Accelerator for Paediatric Formulations (GAP-f) aims to promote a faster, more efficient and more focused approach to paediatric formulation development. This session presented key principles for acceleration – and how these are brought together by the GAP-f – for different areas of the continuum, with a focus on: (1) prioritization and clinical research of priority formulations, (2) development and regulatory approval of paediatric drug formulations, and (3) uptake and procurement of optimal formulations for children. A panel discussed (1) the value and opportunities for an integrated approach to paediatric medicines and (2) the business case and innovative funding. The session ended with an overview of what to watch in paediatric drug optimization.

See slide sets and watch the recording here | See pictures here

ILF Webinar: Report back on PADO 3 review
5 February 2018

With the availability of new evidence, and progress in the development of new drugs (including paediatric formulations), the Paediatric ARV Drug Optimization (PADO) group recently reviewed its list of priority paediatric ARV formulations. In collaboration with the WHO and CHAI, the ILF hosted a webinar to report back on the PADO 3 review.

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ILF/WHO Discussion on PADO 3 Implementation
23 November 2017

Over the past year and since the PADO 3 meeting, more evidence was generated for some drugs included in the priority list and additional information is available to inform the feasibility and timing of some of the prioritized products. In preparation for the PADO 3 list to be reviewed in December 2017, a special feedback session with the ARV manufacturing industry took place to obtain feedback on the PADO 3 list and discuss key considerations for its implementation to further expedite research and development of priority paediatric ARV formulations

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PADO webinar with regulators
15 June 2017

Partners involved in the development of the Global Accelerator for Paediatric Formulations (GAP-f) were invited to a short webinar to share, with government representatives and regulatory agencies, the key outcomes of a technical consultation held in December 2016 to prioritize development of paediatric ARV formulations (PADO 3 meeting).

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ILF/CIPHER Webinar: Report back from PADO 3
28 February 2017

The ILF and CIPHER, in collaboration with WHO, held a webinar to disseminate the main outcomes from the Paediatric ARV Drug Optimization (PADO) 3 meeting - which took place during the Geneva Paediatrics Week.

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