Webinar: Report back from the Paediatric Antituberculosis Drug Optimization 1 Meeting (PADO-TB 1)
  27 February 2019

Building on the success of a similar approach in HIV (Paediatric Antiretroviral Drug Optimization), the inaugural Paediatric Antituberculosis Drug Optimization 1 Meeting (PADO-TB 1) took place in February 2019. The PADO-TB 1 meeting objectives were to: (1) discuss the PADO for TB platform and its mode of operation, (2) develop a list of short/medium- and long-term priorities for paediatric TB drug optimization, and (3) agree on a way forward to accelerate development and uptake of the priority medicine formulations. The development of a consensus priority list of paediatric antituberculosis drugs and formulations will complement work in the TB field, including efforts to accelerate paediatric drug and formulation development from the Global Accelerator for Paediatric Formulations (GAP-f), which aims to accelerate paediatric drug development and uptake across disease areas, including HIV, TB and viral hepatitis.

Webinar material: